Enlistment and Basic Training

Interviewee: Craig Haskell

b. 1953


Craig describes growing up in Payson, starting his family and building a home in Payson. He talks about his career working for UDOT as well as Geneva. After being laid off at Geneva and before returning to UDOT he was recruited into the National Guard. He was thirty-one years old. He enlisted for six years and then decided to do more. He then considered joining the Air Guard but was declined because of health reasons so he returned to his Army Guard unit. He traveled to Germany, Japan, Alaska, Korea, Africa, and Honduras with his unit. He describes the work he did constructing and remodeling buildings and schools on bases and interacting with the locals.


He talks about his experience at basic training where he was made platoon guide. He then went to the Tooele Army Depot to do survey work. Craig also talks about his job as construction inspector at Camp Williams, which he took in about ’97. He talks about his selection as the STARC winner of the state’s NCO of the year. He then became first sergeant of 115th Engineer Group and helped in preparation for the Olympics. Then the 116th Engineer Company needed a first sergeant because they were being deployed to Iraq and he was made their new first sergeant in 2003. The company did not deploy to Iraq until February of the following year.


Craig talks about arriving in Iraq and the job his company did at Camp Anaconda. He went on fifty four convoys while there. He describes disciplining his company, setting an example as their first sergeant and the missions they were given. He talks about being fired at and the security they had on their missions. After a year in Iraq Craig returned home. He talks about adjusting to civilian life. Craig was promoted to staff sergeant major and then was eventually made a battalion command sergeant major. He volunteered to go to Louisiana and help the Katrina clean up efforts.